Friday, August 19, 2016

Top Reasons That Cause a Dangerous Intersection

1 - Intersections That Have Confusing Navigation
2 - Intersections That Are Not Perpendicular

2 - Bus Stop & Crosswalk Nearby

3 - Intersections That Have Multiple Lanes Narrowing into Fewer Lanes

4 - Intersections Near Shopping Mall Entrances

5 - Intersections Near Train, Pedestrian and Car Crossings

6 - Intersections Near Blind Curves

7 - Non-Perpendicular Train Crossings & No Train Signal

8 - Intersection Before or After a Curve in the Road

9 - Rural Intersections with No Stop Sign
10 - Where Cross Traffic Does Not Stop
11 - Divided Highway Crossings with No Light

12 - Intersections With A Walking / Running Path Crossing

13- Blind Intersection Before or After Crest of a Hill

Thursday, August 11, 2016

Should The Apple Self Driving Car Tell You Where The Dangerous Intersections Are?

small white 4 passenger electric car prototype
Apple Self Driving Car
Don't you think the Apple self driving car should know where the dangerous intersections are?  Waze already has a dangerous intersections warning on their app.  Google owns Waze and most certainly will integrate their dangerous intersection data into the driving experience of their self driving cars.  

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