Thursday, September 17, 2015

Waze Dangerous Intersections Alerts Database

Waze Dangerous Intersections Alerts

I find it curious why and how Waze launched a POI database just 2 months after we started and launched  Waze claims they are working with Government agencies (good luck with that) to acquire data about these locations.

I am also curious what information Waze is trying to convey in this message to you as a driver.  Typically these intersections are dangerous because other drivers are driving like idiots.  The message should say watch out for some craziness at this intersection.  Be aware!

Our database doesn't require a download or app and doesn't assume you are a driver.  We tell you why the intersection could be dangerous as a biker, walker or driver.  We also have 2,500+ intersections in the database in just the first 3 months.  This database will grow fast.

Tell us where we are missing locations and add new locations to the map.  

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