Waze Dangerous Intersections Alerts Database

Waze Dangerous Intersections Alerts

Waze, a popular navigation app, does not provide a publicly accessible database specifically dedicated to dangerous intersections. Waze primarily focuses on real-time traffic updates, navigation directions, and user-reported incidents.

However, Waze does rely on user-generated reports to provide information about road conditions, accidents, and hazards. Users can report dangerous intersections, road closures, or other safety concerns through the app. Waze then uses this data to improve its navigation services and provide alerts to other users.

While Waze can be a useful tool for getting real-time information about traffic and incidents, it's important to note that the data provided by Waze is based on user reports and may not always be comprehensive or up to date. For the most accurate and current information about dangerous intersections, it is recommended to consult official traffic reports, local law enforcement agencies, or transportation departments in your area.

I am also curious about what information Waze is trying to convey in this message to you as a driver.  Typically these intersections are dangerous because other drivers are driving like idiots.  The message should say watch out for some craziness at this intersection.  Be aware!

Our database BadIntersections.com doesn't require a download or app and doesn't assume you are a driver.  We tell you why the intersection could be dangerous for a biker, walker, or driver.  We also have 2,500+ intersections in the database in just the first 3 months.  This database will grow fast.

Tell us where we are missing locations and add new locations to the map.