Google Maps Suggest Illegal Left Hand Turn

No Left-Hand Turn at Harlem and West 56th in Summit, Illinois
Google Maps Suggest Illegal Left Hand Turn or Crossing Busy Road
Dangerous Intersection of West 56 and Harlem

How often does Google Maps or Waze suggest directions that are illegal?  Illegal left hand turns are probably the biggest cause of accidents at intersections.  How could this hazard have been overlooked by Google's directions?  Are these companies liable if they suggest dangerous or illegal directions?  

We had this scary experience yesterday and thankfully we were paying attention and turned right instead of crossing a busy intersection and turning left.  This probably happens more often than is publicized.  

We want to know about your experience on  Please share bad directions with us on our map to help navigation companies like Google Maps, Waze and Here improve their directions.  

Here is a forum of some content that we found from 2012. "Navigation suggests illegal turns."