Tesla & Uber Autopilot Crash Map

There now have been 2 reported locations where Tesla cars have crashed at the same location more than once.  The media has also reported 2 autopilot fatalities in the last 2 years as well.  Here is a map of these locations.  To find these locations visit badintersections.com and do a search for "autopilot" on the map.

The first California autopilot crash happened near San Jose on the freeway where the Tesla autopilot was confused by faded lane markers on the freeway.  The second autopilot crash happened recently in Laguna Beach because of the similar confusing lanes and parking street markings.  See the photos below.

Laguna Beach Tesla Autopilot Crash (2nd Accident Here)

This satellite image map clearly shows a dangerous parked car location as the lane merges.

Tesla Autopilot Accident at the Same Location