LA Times Most Dangerous Intersections

Map of La Times Most Dangerous Pedestrian Intersections
LA's Most Dangerous Pedestrian Intersections

Here are a few intersections in Los Angeles that have been known for pedestrian safety concerns:

Vermont Avenue and Manchester Avenue: This intersection has historically been identified as one of the most dangerous in Los Angeles for pedestrians due to its high number of accidents.

Figueroa Street and 7th Street: Located in downtown Los Angeles, this intersection has been identified as a high-risk area for pedestrians due to heavy traffic flow and a mix of pedestrians and vehicles.

Western Avenue and 3rd Street: This intersection has been known for a high number of pedestrian accidents in the past. It's important to exercise caution when crossing here.

Sunset Boulevard and Highland Avenue: This intersection, near popular tourist destinations like the Hollywood Walk of Fame, has experienced a significant number of pedestrian accidents in the past.

Hollywood Boulevard and Vine Street: Another busy intersection in Hollywood, this area has had its fair share of pedestrian accidents, given the high volume of foot traffic and vehicles.