World's Most Dangerous Intersections Map

We are building a database of the most dangerous car, pedestrian, motorcycle and bike intersections.  We have over 4000+ in the database.  World's Most Dangerous Intersections

Determining the world's most dangerous intersections is challenging as the level of danger can vary based on factors such as traffic volume, driver behavior, infrastructure design, and local regulations. However, here are a few intersections known for their high accident rates:

Merging Intersection, Dhaka, Bangladesh: This intersection is notorious for its chaotic traffic, lack of traffic signals, and aggressive driving. The high volume of vehicles, including buses, rickshaws, and motorcycles, combined with minimal traffic management, contributes to frequent accidents.

Guoliang Tunnel Intersection, Henan Province, China: The Guoliang Tunnel is a mountain road that features a narrow, dimly lit tunnel. The intersection outside the tunnel is known for its sharp curves and poor visibility, making it a hazardous spot for accidents, especially considering the heavy tourist traffic.

Spaghetti Junction, Birmingham, United Kingdom: Officially known as Gravelly Hill Interchange, this complex network of roads and ramps is infamous for its intricate design and numerous merging points. The complexity, coupled with heavy traffic, increases the likelihood of accidents and congestion.

Crossroads Intersection, Mumbai, India: Located in the Andheri neighborhood, this intersection is heavily congested and experiences a high volume of traffic, including pedestrians, cyclists, and various types of vehicles. The lack of proper infrastructure, traffic signals, and lane discipline contributes to accidents and chaos.

17th Street and North Broadway, Santa Ana, California, USA: This intersection is known for its high number of accidents due to a combination of factors such as heavy traffic, poorly timed traffic signals, pedestrian activity, and a complex road layout.