Why all the Angry Holiday Drivers?

angry Holiday driver

Why does driving during the Holidays often seems more stressful than usual?  Are family issues and frustrations spilling out onto the streets?

I am always especially cautious while driving during the Christmas Holiday.  Driving behavior seems to change a lot during the Holiday and people become more aggressive and impatient on the road.  Is it that people like to take their family or shopping pressure frustrations out on the road?

Yes, traffic is probably slightly worse near shopping malls but regular commutes to work are faster due to people working from home or on vacation.  You can see the frustration on drivers' faces during this time of year.  Especially when they have to stop and wait for someone crossing the street or someone makes a slight driving error in-front of them.

Driving near shopping malls can be especially hazardous.  We have found in our dangerous intersections database that more accidents are occurring at intersections near shopping malls.  Search the previous map link in your area for dangerous intersections near shopping malls.