London’s Most Dangerous Intersections and How to Avoid Accidents

london traffic jam of taxis
London is perhaps the most difficult and stressful place to drive in the entire country. In addition to the congestion charge, the amount of traffic and other vehicles on the road, and the number of distractions and pedestrians, there are also many difficult intersections. In 2016, there were 8,500 crashes at intersections in London. Although down from 2015, this is still a huge number and it is important to be wary in these areas Here are a few of the capital's worst where there are regular accidents, collisions, and injuries every year:


For the second year in a row, the Wellington-Exter intersection was named the most dangerous with 84 collisions occurring in 2016. The number of collisions here (and the other intersections) is not because they are poor intersections, but instead due to the sheer volume of traffic that flows through them.


Wellington-Commissioners also retains its place from last year, with 78 collisions being recorded by the police in 2016. It is said that the majority of collisions occur due to drivers using their mobile phones or violating speed laws.


Coming in third for the second year in a row, the Highbury-Oxford intersection had 74 collisions last year. Police revealed that they ticketed over 1,900 people for using their phones whilst driving - an improvement on the 2,491 from 2015.


Another entry that retains its place, there were 71 collisions at Wharncliffe-Oxford last year. Following on from the top four, Oxford-Richmond (70), Oxford-Wonderland (70), Fanshawe Park-Adelaide (69), and Adelaide-Oxford (66) also appear high on the list.

It is not always possible or practical to avoid these intersections, so what can be done? Whilst increasing the number of cameras may stop people from speeding or jumping the lights, it is still not a great solution.

Instead, motorists can drastically reduce the chance of an accident (whether they are responsible or not) by purchasing a car that features new safety features. These fantastic features, such as automatic braking and lane assist, use impressive technology to read the road ahead and act accordingly. These can both save lives and stop accidents from occurring. When in the market for used cars, compare dealerships using someone like AA Cars. Remember to always enquire about cars that feature the latest safety features.

London is a very dangerous place to drive and particularly at the intersections, where many collisions occur largely due to operator error. These can be avoided with new safety technology, so hopefully, the figures will continue to drop going forwards.