10 Essential Pieces of Equipment for Your Garage

We all want to stay safe on the roads, and one of the best ways to ensure this is by driving around in a well-maintained car. But who wants to take their motor to their local mechanic every time they sense the slightest niggle? The answer is ‘not many people’.

So how can you come up with a solution that keeps you safe without spending all of your cash on it? A cleverly equipped garage could offer you the answer you’ve been seeking, so here are 10 essential pieces of equipment if you want to give yours an upgrade… 

#1: A Workbench

The right workbench is often considered to be the most essential part of a garage outside of the walls and roof themselves. The place where the majority of your mending, repairs, replacements, and upgrades will take place, it will help you to keep everything organized and your tools within easy reach.

#2: Lots of Light

Dimly lit garages are the worst, as everyone who has ever tried to work around the shadows will know. Get some good lighting installed to chase away the darkness and illuminate your projects, leaving no danger of mistakes going unnoticed.   

#3: A Fire Extinguisher

We’re sure you’re tired of people harping on about health and safety, but a fire extinguisher is another essential. At the end of the day, you’re in an enclosed space with an explosive liquid (fuel), a powerful electrical energy source (your car battery), and plenty of flammable materials in the form of rags. Is it really worth taking the risk?

#4: A First-Aid Kit

Also on that note, be sure to stock a first aid kit. Although you might be just fine sucking on your skinned knuckles, burns, and bigger injuries will be much better served by bandages, antiseptic wipes, or the instant application of a cold pack. 

#5: A Bench Vise

Now back to the exciting stuff – tools – and a bench vise just has to be on this list. Whether you need to hold something in place or apply a significant amount of force, it’s perfectly suited to plenty of tasks. 

#6: Torque Wrench

Need to perform a precision job when it comes to tightening up those nuts and bolts? Then a torque wrench is your new best friend. Buy yours today.

#7: Air Compressor

A the good air compressor will make so many things easier for you. Whether you want to inflate tires or blow-clean and –dry parts, you’ll be so very glad that you bought one.  

#8: Jack Stands

Most of the important stuff on a car is underneath, so make it easier for yourself to lift it up with a good solid jack stand. This is one investment you won’t regret.

#9: A Laptop and Wi-Fi

Why would you need one of these in your garage? The answer is simple: if ever you want to watch a repair video offering advice that just isn’t in the manual, it will let you watch it as you work so that you don’t lose track of what you’re doing whilst running backward and forwards between your house and garage.

#10: Storage

Last but most certainly not least, get your hands on some good quality storage, like one of these tool chests from SGS. Perfect for keeping the colossal amount of equipment you’ll amass neatly organized and easy to find, it will prove invaluable if ever you want to locate something at a glance.   

What do you need to add to your garage?