The Four Safest Hybrid Energy Cars

Finding a car that will keep you safe on the roads should always be your priority when you go out to buy your next motor. When all that you’re looking for is a daily run around, this is pretty simple and straightforward, but when you’re on the hunt for good quality used hybrid, things can become a little bit more complicated.

But certainly not impossible! If you’re on the search for a new car to keep you, your friends, and your family safe whenever you hit the highway, here are the models that we recommend… 

#1: Toyota Prius

The Toyota Prius is the hybrid that spawned the entire sector, so it’s little surprise that it’s something pretty special. Not only efficient, reliable, and economical, it’s also a really safe way of getting everyone from A to B. With great crash test scores to go with its 50 miles per gallon statistic, it’s definitely worth looking into as an option.

#2: Lexus Ct 200H

A luxurious and stylish member of the hybrid hatchback class, the Lexus Ct 200H is also perfectly outfitted to keep you safe. Widely available second-hand from retailers like RRG Group, it offers 42 miles to the gallon, and crash test results to be proud of. If you’re looking for a hybrid that’s suited to both the suburban jungle and the open highway, its compact and clever design could be perfect for you.   

#3: Honda Insight

The Honda Insight offers another option to add to your list. Given a Top Safety Pick award in both 2012 and 2013, it resembles the Prius in almost every way – except that it’s not quite as efficient, offering only 41 miles to the gallon as opposed to 50. Economical nonetheless, it’s safe, simple, and straightforward to drive, and worth looking into as a serious contender. 

#4: Ford C-Max Hybrid

Voted Top Safety Pick+ in 2014, the Ford C-Max follows in the steps of its august manufacturer’s previous models, delivering quality and dynamic driving combined. With a refined, quiet interior that provides plenty of room for all of the family, it offers 40 miles to the gallon, and safety credentials to get excited about.    

No matter which of the hybrids on this list you pick, one thing is for certain: you’ll be able to buy them in the full and complete knowledge that not only will they offer you fantastic fuel economy, but also a straightforward drive to get you safely from A to B. Which one will you decide to invest in?