Everything You Need to Know to Stay Safe While Driving on Dangerous Roads

more than 3,300 people are killed in distracted driving accidents per year

Everything You Need to Know to Stay Safe Whilst Driving on Dangerous Roads Being a new driver on the road can be really scary for any driver that has only recently passed their test. You certainly have to endure some daunting moments when you’re a newbie on the road, but there is nothing quite as intimidating as the first time you drive on the dreaded motorway. The rules of the motorway work a bit differently to the standard rules of road, and if you don’t know exactly what you’re doing, you could end up endangering yourself and other drivers around you. That’s why we’ve provided a short list of things that all motorway novices need to be aware of to ensure that your experience driving on the motorway is safe and stress-free.

Be Well Prepared

Possibly the worst mistake you could make in your first time driving on the motorway is failing to sufficiently prepare for your journey. Before you set off, you should be aware of which junctions you will be joining and leaving the motorway at. This way, you’ll always have something to look for while you’re driving, even if you don’t know exactly where you are or how far away you are from your destination. Relying on a sat-nav is not always the most reliable mode of direction, so having a good idea of where you need to go is always important. Also, you’ll want to ensure that your car is fully ready for the task of driving on the motorway before you set off. It would be wise to have a quick check of your car’s tire pressures, oil levels and the performance of the brakes to give yourself some extra piece of mind and relieve your mind of some of the stress that comes with driving on the motorway. You may also want to fill up your car with enough petrol to prevent you from having top stop midway through your journey to fill up.

Driving Safely

If you don’t know how to safely drive on the motorway, there’s a much bigger chance of you endangering both yourself and other drivers. Whatever lane you find yourself in, you should never drive too fast or too slowly. Driving too fast makes it harder to brake and increases the chances of a speed-related accident, while driving too slowly increases the chances of other drivers colliding with you from behind. There are three lanes of traffic on a motorway; both the middle lane and the right-hand lane are designed for overtaking, with the left-hand lane designed purely for normal driving. Overtaking in the left-hand lane, also known as undertaking, is dangerous and is something that you should never do when driving on the motorway. This is because drivers in the middle lane are always advised to move to left-hand lane when possible, but this cannot be done when there is somebody overtaking in the left-hand lane.

Problems of this nature often occur to drivers of heavy goods vehicles, especially as their surrounding vision is not usually as good as it is for normal drivers. This is one of many reasons why lorry drivers need lorry insurance; motorway accidents occur at an alarming rate, and this can often be as a result of unsafe driving.

Avoid Distractions

When driving for long distances at a relatively constant speed, it is quite easy to become distracted. Unfortunately, this is not only extremely dangerous when driving on a motorway, it is worryingly common too. Tiredness is a regular distraction that often impairs people’s driving ability on the motorway, and is the cause of many road accidents. It is never a good idea to drive at high speeds while you are tired, and you should avoid doing this at all costs.

Other common distractions that tend to affect motorway drivers can also be whatever is inside your vehicle. When cruising at a high speed, it can be tempting to become distracted by your mobile phone or any other device in your car. However, when you’re moving at high speeds, it only takes one distraction to take away your concentration for a few seconds, which is often all that it takes to cause a harmful collision. When accidents do occur on the motorway, you shouldn’t rubberneck by driving slower in order to see the crash for yourself. This can not only cause another traffic accident, but it can increase congestion greatly.

Once you get the hang of driving on the motorway, you should not feel intimidated by the prospect of it. Motorway driving can be done in a safe, efficient manner, and although it may seem daunting at first, it should become pretty easy for you once you have done it a few times. As long as you are well-prepared, committed to driving safely and fully undistracted, you’ll be able to have a stress-free motorway experience. For even more beneficial driving advice and news, take a look at this article here.