Mobile Web App of Dangerous Intersections

Bad Intersections Progressive Web App Map 
Mobile app of dangerous intersections near you.  Location based app that shows you hazardous locations nearby.  Progressive web apps are the wave of the future and don't require native app downloads. 

How to Add Button to Home Screen

All of our maps are free mobile-friendly pages that can be easily bookmarked on your phone using a Safari browser on the iPhone and Chrome browser on an Android phone. These maps will never require a download and the home screen icon does nothing in the background unless you are using the app. It's like a shortcut to a browser but on your phone and the icon is easy to find and quick to use with no sign-in required. These maps are all advertising-supported.  Progressive mobile web apps are the wave of the future as they don't require downloads like traditional native web apps. 

When you open the map it will automatically find your location and display data relevant to your area. Each map has its own unique icon depending on which data you are interested in. The default map is all cameras but you can choose speed cameras, red-light cameras, traffic cameras below.

Syndicated Maps has a network of 25 public safety & location-based progressive mobile web maps which you can easily find and add to your phone at the link above or by clicking on the phone apps screenshot above.