Why I Stopped Biking on the Road and Switched to Peloton

Petoton from a cyclists perspective

If you're a biker like me, you probably know how hard it is to navigate the roads when so many people are driving and texting. I've been riding my bicycle on the road for years, but one day I realized that someone who's texting while driving is extremely unlikely to see me. When they look up from their phone, they're not going to be looking at the right place or in time to avoid me. If I'm lucky, I might catch a glimpse of them about to hit me when it's too late for me to dodge out of the way or move over.

I found a safer biking solution recently that still gives me the edge of competition.  Peloton's leaderboard is the killer app and will get you hooked on taking classes with people all over the World.  You can take classes on-demand with a small group of people or you can do live classes with thousands of people at the same time.  

Peleton goes into your home easily and prices have come down a lot and so it's much more affordable to get started.  I bought my Peleton bike off Craigslist for $500 as new bikes have recently come down in price to $1,500.  The monthly cost of the service is only $39 per month to do classes. 

Peloton goes into your home and you simply ride it in the comfort of your own home. It is far safer since you do not have to worry about cars hitting you or getting lost while riding on a trail. There is no bad weather involved, no need for a bike rack or lock, and absolutely no maintenance needed. You also don't need to drive anywhere to get to a bike trail so that saves gas as well.

Like many people, I started biking at a young age. Biking is still a useful mode of transportation for me on designated biking trails only. In recent years, I have been doing a lot more indoor biking with Peloton as well as with other instructors at my gym. With Peloton bikes, you are able to take classes with studio instructors from anywhere in the world, which is great for when there's bad weather outside or if you're just not feeling like riding outdoors.

Peloton is a great way to clear your mind and a great release of energy. Whether you are trying to get through a tough day at work or dealing with anxiety, it can help reduce stress.  It also helps with depression, keeps you focused, and helps with insomnia. If you have high blood pressure and diabetes, exercise can help lower these things in your body and improve heart health as well.

I love biking and the outdoors but it is not as safe as it used to be on the roads.  Road biking is dangerous because cars, motorcycles, and trucks are massive and don't always respect cyclists.  Once you have kids or a family you might realize how vulnerable you are to getting killed on a bike. 

Cars, trucks, and motorcycles are much heavier than bikes. If you get hit by one of these vehicles, the vehicle is going to keep moving, but you're probably not. However, if a bicycle hits a car, the car's momentum might remain unchanged (and if we're being honest: your bike is probably going to be crushed).

Running into a parked car is called getting "doored" in cycling jargon. It's important to know that cars and motorcycles can hardly stop on a dime if there's something in their way—that's why it's so important for cyclists to ride safely and give other road users enough room.

Worst of all, drivers can be reckless and drive distracted on their phones texting or under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Drivers are very distracted these days by multi-tasking. The average driver may be texting or talking on their phone while driving, or they could be tired and unfocused.

Aggressive driving techniques like following too closely or road raging are very common these days,  If you're asking yourself "Why can't he just swerve?" let me tell you why: because cars are big and heavy and bicycles aren't. Have you ever watched an action movie where someone is chasing another car with theirs? It's easy for them to ram into their intended target unless they swerve their car in a way that makes it almost impossible for them to keep control of it (and even then, there's no guarantee). A bicycle on its own isn't much protection against a car doing anything other than stopping or slowing down when it sees you—and if the driver doesn't see you in time, being hit by one could be fatal or result in serious injuries.

I was tired of being harassed by people who wanted me off the road.  Many drivers find bikers a nuisance and you see this attitude when they don't give you enough space when passing by.  That's the attitude I found myself up against every single time I rode my bike on an actual road, and it took its toll on me. It just takes one angry driver on the road to ruin your bike ride.  

Your safety is paramount. No matter what the weather conditions, what time of day it is, or even how innocuous the road might feel, you need to be prepared for anything that could happen. Your life could depend on it. I don't want to be just another statistic on a police report or news story if an accident were to occur that was not my fault.