San Antonio Residents Speak Out About Dangerous Intersection

Frustrations Mount over Dangerous Intersection in Western San Antonio

Old Grissom Rd & Grissom RdSan Antonio, TX 78250

A concerned local resident is drawing attention to the hazardous conditions at the intersection of Grissom Road and Old Grissom Road in west San Antonio. Following a recent fatal accident that claimed the life of a female driver, he is renewing his plea for enhanced safety measures along this roadway.

Eric Maldonado, who resides in the area, expressed his distress, stating, "Unfortunately, this isn't the first fatality we've witnessed here." Last August, another woman lost her life when her vehicle collided with a truck while making a left turn from Old Grissom onto Grissom Road. In response to that incident, Maldonado had requested District 6 Councilwoman Melissa Cabello Havrda to initiate a traffic study.

Councilwoman Havrda's office addressed the matter, informing Maldonado that she had submitted a request for a traffic light to the City. They further mentioned that they were awaiting a response from the Deputy City Manager regarding the funding for the traffic light.

"I was informed that they would explore the budget for it, but I haven't received any updates since then," Maldonado shared.

To follow up on the issue, our team contacted the District 6 office on Wednesday. A spokesperson informed us, "The request was received by the Public Works department in August of '22, and we expected a response by November. We are currently investigating the status of this request within the pipeline."

Subsequently, we reached out to the City's Public Works Department to inquire about progress. Their spokesperson revealed, "A traffic study was conducted by the Public Works Department in December 2022. At that time, the number of vehicles passing through the Grissom and Old Grissom Road corridor did not meet the traffic requirements necessary for installing a traffic signal. Another traffic study is slated for completion soon, and if the requirements are met, Public Works will proceed with identifying funding."

Unsatisfied with the response, Maldonado persists in his efforts to effect change at the intersection, declaring, "No more lives should be lost at that intersection."