Most Dangerous Intersections in California

Most dangerous intersections in Southern California

A new study shows the most dangerous intersections in California that have 10 or more accidents, injuries, or fatalities.  based on motor vehicle collision data from 2015. There were 444 total intersections ranked from the 435,000 compiled collision records, according to the data by Statewide Integrated Traffic Records System (SWITRS).

In total, there were 7,294 crashes, 7,478 injuries, and 57 fatalities. The average number of accidents per dangerous intersection was 16.43 and for injuries, it was 16.84. The City of Sacramento had the second-highest total number of dangerous intersections (13) trailing only Los Angeles (221), which is a noticeable difference.  Estey & Bomberger created the map and correlated the data.

We took the intersections and added them to our map of over 9,000 locations Nationwide.  Do a search for "California" and you will find these ranked locations.