Where Are Driverless Uber Cars Being Used?

Uber self driving Volvo XC90

Uber's self-driving cars are currently available for ride-hailing in Las Vegas. They plan to expand to Los Angeles at a later date.

Here are some of the notable places where Uber's autonomous vehicles were being utilized or tested:

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA: Uber launched its first autonomous vehicle pilot program in Pittsburgh in 2016. The program allowed select Uber users to request a self-driving car for their rides within a designated area.

San Francisco, California, USA: Uber briefly tested autonomous vehicles in San Francisco in 2016. However, it encountered regulatory issues and suspended the program. It later resumed testing in San Francisco in 2017 after obtaining the necessary permits.

Tempe, Arizona, USA: Uber conducted extensive testing and had a significant presence of autonomous vehicles in Tempe. However, in 2018, a fatal accident involving an Uber self-driving car occurred, leading to the suspension of autonomous vehicle testing in the area.

Toronto, Ontario, Canada: Uber expanded its self-driving car testing to Toronto in 2017. It collaborated with the city to explore autonomous vehicle technologies and their potential impact on transportation.

Dallas, Texas, USA: In 2019, Uber announced plans to begin testing its self-driving cars in Dallas. However, specific details regarding the scope and timeline of the program have not been widely publicized.

Here are some companies that providing driverless car services. 

Waymo, a subsidiary of General Motors, operates a fleet of fully autonomous taxis in San Francisco and Phoenix. They've been offering a driverless taxi service called Waymo One in the Phoenix area since 2020. They're testing a similar service in San Francisco.

Cruise LLC, a company similar to Uber, recently launched in Austin and Phoenix. Their vehicles are Chevy Bolt electric vehicles. Their San Francisco robotaxi service is fully driverless during overnight hours. They plan to expand to Phoenix and Austin soon.

33 companies working on driverless cars
33 companies working on driverless cars

Alphabet, the parent of Google said it would spin off its self-driving research wing into a stand-alone company called Waymo.  Apple is in the midst of rethinking its automotive strategy.  Companies like Tesla and Lyft continue to work on self-driving software.

self driving car diagram
Driverless Car Diagram

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