3 Tips to Keep in Mind if You’ve Had a Car Accident When Renting a Car

When you end up in any kind of car accident, you will want to make sure everyone is safe and assess the damages. Car accidents are all too common these days and many of us can get caught out. But today we are going to focus on some things to bear in mind if you end up in a car accident in a rental.

Assess the Situation

If you are in a car accident one of the first, and most important things to do is to get everyone to safety. But do not move those who are in a lot of pain, this could lead to more injury if incorrectly moved. When everyone is as safe as they can be. Scan the area to see if any property has been damaged or if anything large in the area has the potential to fall.

Be sure to contact the emergency services and your legal representative. Having legal aid in this situation is incredibly important. They can advise you on how to proceed with your claims to insurers down the line.

Make sure you have the right coverage

When renting a car there are different types of cover to consider. After your accident, it would be smart to double-check what kind of coverage you have. If you bought collision insurance (also known as a collision damage waiver (CDW) from the rental company and the accident was your fault, this collision insurance will cover you. Unless of course, the accident happened because of reckless driving on your part or any other breach of the rental agreement.

Be sure to double-check your personal terms and conditions for your agreement. Do not forget that this kind of insurance does not cover medical and property expenses though. You will have to rely on your own personal medical/property insurance policies for support with that. Again, we recommend that you talk to your lawyer when building a case to take to your insurers so you can recover the money you deserve in your case.

Have the right information at hand

After a car accident you will want to make sure you get the right information from the appropriate parties. Talk to witnesses and the other parties involved in the car accident. Get their accounts of the event and gather their details. Trade phone numbers, number plates and home addresses. Be sure to do this if there are multiple vehicles involved.

To make your account of the event even more accurate, it would help your lawyer if you gathered some additional information as well such as the date and time of the accident. The weather conditions when the accident took place. Any damages to vehicles and/or property. And lastly, any injuries sustained by drivers, passengers and pedestrians.

With all this information at hand, and with the rental company and lawyer informed you can start to make your claims. Having an experienced car accident lawyer in Los Angeles (or in whichever State you live in), can help you fight for the correct amount of money owed to you. Keeping in close contact with your lawyer can help you better understand how to work towards the best solution for you.

Ultimately, a car accident can be a harrowing experience. Especially if it is in a rental car and you are not as clued up on how to deal with the situation, as you might be in your own car. You will find that emergency services, your legal aid and insurers will all be there to help you get back on your feet and behind the wheel in no time.