Dangerous Uncontrolled Waco Intersection Fixed With New Light

Old Old Lorena and Chapel roads Intersection without light
Old Lorena and Chapel roads Intersection without light 
New Light At Intersection

For five years, families in McLennan County have been advocating for safety improvements at a hazardous intersection. Finally, their plea for action has been heeded.  News source.

Situated just south of Waco, between Old Lorena and Chapel roads, the intersection has been a cause for concern, with numerous crash victims sharing stories and images of its dangers. One determined mother from Lorena, Terri Rohrer, took the initiative by creating a petition. It has garnered over 7,000 signatures, with each signer recounting their personal experiences of accidents. Tragedy struck Rohrer's daughter while she was driving, narrowly avoiding a devastating collision.

"It's truly a miracle," expressed Rohrer. "Had she pulled out just one second later, the impact would have been on the driver's side of her car. Considering the speed involved, I doubt she would have survived."

However, it wasn't until Jamie Blanek, a former 'Miss Waco', tragically lost her leg in an accident at the intersection that the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) sprang into action. They conducted a thorough traffic study, ultimately determining the need for a traffic signal installation.

Regarding the long-awaited traffic signal lights, Jamie Blanek provided a statement to 6 News:

"I'm immensely grateful that there is finally a light at the intersection that has posed a significant danger for many years. It's unfortunate that it took this long for the action to be taken, and TxDOT's carelessness has cost people their lives and nearly cost me mine. I remain hopeful that this light will save lives and create a safer road for all travelers."

"My accident instantaneously altered my life. I was suddenly faced with a lifelong challenge that required me to adapt and navigate through. However, it provided me with a new perspective, and I consider myself fortunate to say that I am now leading an incredible and fulfilling life. I am pursuing my dream of becoming a Paralympic Para Snowboarder, grateful for being alive and surviving an accident that should have been fatal."

"I want TXDOT to acknowledge that the bloodshed from my body and the lives lost at that intersection over the years are on their hands. Their negligence is the root cause, and every day that passed without the light was a disregard for the safety of Texans. I hope that moving forward, they will approach their responsibilities seriously and make a greater effort to prevent such tragedies from occurring."

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